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Effective governance of a nonprofit requires care and consistency. Especially as an organization’s team grows, having policies in place to guide staff in a broad range of matters is a good way to ensure that management’s decisions are reflected in the day-to-day activity of the organization. This is especially true of fundraising. Every nonprofit needs to codify its fundraising practices. There are several reasons why this is true:

  • Consistent messaging. Potential donors should be hearing the same message from everyone in the organization. If different people give different ideas about what the organization plans to do, a donor may come away thinking that it is disorganized.
  • Ensuring compliance with tax rules. Organizations should avoid giving donors any tax advice. Making the wrong promises to donors can be disastrous. A fundraising policy can guide staff on the appropriate limits of what they can say regarding the tax treatment of a donation.
  • Keeping control over fundraising efforts. An organization’s leadership may decide to keep a tight leash over how fundraising is conducted. In the absence of a clear policy, a staff member or volunteer may branch out into strategies that have not been adequately studied.
  • Ensuring ethical practices. A nonprofit needs to maintain scrupulous ethical standards to preserve good relationships with donors. A policy provides clear guidance to staff on how to avoid ethical problems.
  • Mechanisms for resolving problems. A fundraising policy can provide staff with a roadmap for resolving problems. This can be especially important if the problem relates to a donor or potential donor, but it can also apply to cases where staff have concerns that they don’t know how to address themselves. Absent such a policy, a staff member may try to improvise a solution, or put a manager in a similar position. Staff should know when to escalate problems, and the board should determine when it wants to know about issues so it can be a part of solving them.

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