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Welcome to the Church Law Center, your best resource for nonprofit legal services. We have a wide range of experience handling all types of issues affecting nonprofit organizations, including churches, charities, political entities, and other religious organizations. We handle everything from nonprofit formation to tax exemption to governance issues, ensuring your nonprofit is in compliance with both state and federal law. We can help your organization achieve tax exempt status, develop a board of directors, and monitor your ongoing needs to give you peace of mind knowing you are in compliance with the law.

Running a nonprofit is a tough business, plenty of issues may arise that require the guidance of a skilled legal hand. Staff may leave or new hires may join, leaving questions as to employment contracts and severance pay. The organization may splinter into separate entities, all of which may lay claim to the property and real estate that used to be shared under one roof. Accidents happen too, opening up questions of liability and the possibility of a lawsuit draining much-needed funds from a nonprofit organization. Sometimes, just by operating in the normal course of business, legal compliance audit services are invaluable to make sure your nonprofit is protected. We can help with all of these issues and more, securing the future and well-being of your nonprofit.

Our office is founded and managed by Myron Steeves, a graduate of Georgetown University School of Law with a lifelong dedication to nonprofits and faith-based services. Myron is also a graduate of Biola University, a Christian university established in the Los Angeles area over 100 years ago. He has served as a Christian missionary in the Middle East, is the Dean Emeritus at Trinity Law School, a school devoted to championing a biblical view of human law and government, and is frequently consulted to speak on a variety of issues involving the law governing nonprofit and religious organizations.

Our firm is staffed with experienced professionals devoted to helping churches and other nonprofits establish themselves, operate smoothly, and push through the tough times when legal counsel is needed. The laws governing nonprofits are complex and constantly changing at both the state and federal level, with churches having the added responsibility of having to comply with ecclesiastical policy and bylaws.

Every business needs a good lawyer, and nonprofits are no different. We have the expertise and experience to help your organization grow and stay healthy under the law.

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