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While an executive director and other staff members handle the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit corporation, a board of directors is the organization’s governing body. For two reasons, a thorough, easy-to-use, and updated board manual is critical to a properly operating board of directors. First, the composition of the board of directors changes over time, and a board manual serves as an important source of orientation and education for new board members. Furthermore, existing board members need a continually updated resource and reference manual, which they can rely on as they consider different issues and make decisions throughout their tenure.

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  • Board of Directors Information

Ten Things to Include in Your Nonprofit Board Manual

The Board of Directors information section should include a complete listing of members, their bios, and their contact information. This section also should describe the Board members’ terms and responsibilities. Finally, this section should outline any Board committees, the Board members who currently serve on those committees, and the responsibilities of those committees.

  • History of the Nonprofit Organization

The history section should contain an information sheet or brief written history of the organization’s founding. Additional information in this section may include the Articles of Incorporation and the IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter.

  • Bylaws
  • Organizational Framework

The mission and vision statements for the nonprofit organization should be in this section of the board manual. Other documents may include the organization’s current strategic plan.

  • Minutes from Recent Board Meetings
  • Finance

The finance section of the board manual should contain the most recent annual report and audit report, if any. This section also should contain the current annual budget, the most recent month’s financial statements, and any resolutions or policies related to banking or investments.

  • Board Policies

This section should contain organizational policies that pertain directly to board members, such as policies involving conflicts of interest, insurance policy coverage, legal liability, travel and meeting expense reimbursement, and more.

  • Staff

The staff section of the board manual should contain a complete listing of current organization staff members and their positions, as well as an organizational staff chart showing all positions.

  • Resource Development

This section should contain a list of current grants, amounts, and duration. Other materials in this section may include sample grant proposals, sponsorship policies, and information about annual fundraisers.

  •  General Information

The final section of the board manual should contain a calendar of board meetings for the year and a staff calendar with days off and important events. It also may include a list of programs, current brochures, and information about the organization’s website and social media pages.

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