Church and Religious Organization Law

Churches have unique legal concerns as they are governed by leaders who have objectives that are unlike those of any other kind of organization. This impacts all of their legal needs including the creation and establishment of a nonprofit organization, continual contract review, drafting of organizational structures, and sound interpretation and implementation of ecclesiastical policy and bylaws. Many times churches may run into legal problems they never anticipated, dealing with these issues as they arise is equally as important as proactively nipping potential issues in the bud.

Navigating the waters of nonprofit law for churches takes someone familiar with both the law and religious organizations. Led by a former missionary and graduate of Biola University, the Church Law Center is fully prepared to immediately address the unique legal needs of churches locally and nationally. We have a diverse and experienced group of legal professionals who care about their faith and will work to safeguard yours.

Whatever issue your church is facing, we are here to help. We understand the issues facing churches today and more than likely have dealt with your issue before, giving our office critical insight into solving legal issues and heading off potential future problems. We care about our clients because we are a part of the same faithful community, each working to harmoniously worship in our own way.