Nonprofit Law

Nonprofit organizations are in as much need of solid legal guidance as the rest of corporate America. It is essential for every successful nonprofit entity to have the input of qualified and experienced attorneys both when establishing the nonprofit and running day-to-day business. Our attorneys can provide an invaluable, objective legal standpoint before your nonprofit signs contracts, leases new property or office buildings, or enters any type of negotiation with legal rights and responsibilities.

We have a broad range of experience with all types of nonprofit organizations, including churches, charities, political entities, and other religious organizations. We are well versed in common issues affecting nonprofits and know which missteps to avoid in order to safeguard your organization. Without competent legal advice, nonprofits can face a variety of issues ranging from loss of tax exempt status to financially draining lawsuits. We take your compliance with the law seriously and can help ensure the long-term health and survival of your organization. The Church Law Center of California has guided many nonprofit clients through a variety of legal services, we have the experience and knowledge to help whatever your organization’s needs may be.